President's Message

 Knowledge, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

  A message from Center’s CEO
     The speed by which the world is changing is truly astonishing. Just a glance at where we were at the beginning of the 20 century and what the world is like at the first part of the new millennium gives us an accurate yet startling measure of advancement and development comparable only to the speed of light. From the field of medicine, space exploration, agriculture, physics, chemistry, automotive industry to information technology and the list goes on and on; have all made gigantic leaps the last few decades.

     I am certain that each one of us always wonders what will be next.  What will the humanity, life, environment, societies and industries are like by the end of the new century and beyond? Of course we can never accurately predict the future as not only ordinary people but also the most intelligent minds could have never foreseen what we have accomplished today, one hundred years ago. One thing is for certain though; the future belongs to the pioneer and leading organization. The sorts that are built to be flexible and possess the staff and the structural flexibility to adapt and change when required.

     Universities are no exception. Universities place as a paramount player in national as well as global system increasingly driven by knowledge, information, and ideas. We live in a time when knowledge is ever more vital to our societies and economies, in a world of rapidly circulating capital and people and of revolutionary communication technologies. Knowledge is replacing other resources as the main driver of economic growth, and education has increasingly become the foundation for individual prosperity and social mobility.

     And thus, the success of a university can no longer be measured by the number of graduates, but rather by producing skilled workforce who have the theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills to not only be absorbed by the job market, but also be able to create jobs and employment opportunities for the others in the community.

     Therefore, University officials bear the critical task of bringing these institutions closer to the community and welcome their input in strengthening the institution and & combine forces to build a brighter future. We are also determined to do our very best to make sure that the Applied Science Education Center for  Design & Production of Furniture and Decoration will have a bright future for our students, faculty, staff and our proud Nation.